Ministers of Jesus Christ
Church of The Lord Jesus Christ
Assemblies of The Apostolic Faith
Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Apostle Dennis G. Smith, Pastor and Spiritual Overseer

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The Youth Department sponsored 2006 Parentís Day Program




Happy Parentís Day!! This is the message at each Parentís Day Program ! 2006 Praise the Lord!!!!






The Youth Chorus and the Little Flock



The Entire Youth Department singing the hymnal ďWill Understand  it Better By and ByĒ.  Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!!!







The Youth Chorus



Singing a praise to the Lord at the Annual Parentís Day Program!! Praising our savior all the day long!!!








The Youth Conference 2006



The Youth Department Delegates at the Annual Youth Conference held at the Bethesda Cathedral of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. In the middle,
Elder Samuel ; leaning on him, Sister Tabitha; beside her  Sis Jasmine; to the left of Elder Samuel; the young Brother Philip, and behind him, Brother David Roberson, taking the picture, Sis. Naomi.