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5. Cecil's Palace

There was a man in that day. What day or time I do not know, but his name was Cecil. Cecil was a very righteous man and believed in God. In that day of idol worshipers, Cecil believed in God.

The so-called saints or worshipers of that day prayed to the statues of people who had been predominant figures in that day. People who were believed to have been saints of God. But Cecil not believing in these statutes of dead people, prayed to God.

Some of the customs of the people in that day Cecil adopted because it was all he knew. He built a statue not of any of the wisest men that he knew, nor of any of the predominant society men he knew, neither of the so-called saints or ministers that people worshiped. But Cecil built a statue as perfect as he possibly could of a man with eyes of wisdom and light, with strong arms and hands with a facial expression of sternness, strength and wisdom. And in the statue's right hand, Cecil implanted a Golden Rod. Cecil blessed the statue, and though he knew it was not God, he made it his mediator between God and himself.

And because Cecil believed in God, God blessed this statue. And God gave this statue power. The statue could move its eyes and power was in the Golden Rod.

Now all did not go well with Cecil. He was marked and scoffed at. He was made a freak to the society of that day. Even to the so-called church. And so Cecil being unchanged in his beliefs dug a cellar deep into the earth and built his home within that cellar. He built that which appeared to him as a palace in that cellar. And there he lived in isolation he and his statue.

He was a great fisherman and made good living because God Blessed him. But Cecil being a lonely man in an whoremonger and adulterous society, decided marry. Yet Cecil considered not that he was the only believer in his statue. He did not consider that the statue had power only over him. Neither did he consider the evil day of witches and all strange things that our society considers only a movie. But Cecil only considered his desires, and did not consult God his creator.

And Cecil seeking a wife found a flower. A woman of shearing beauty and sweetness. Cecil married her not considering whether or not she believed in God. But only considering the fact that she was willing to live in his cellar with him. And as the days went by the woman resented the statue. Since she supposedly loved Cecil why didn't she just lived with the statue and leave it alone? Cecil not knowing had married a witch.

And the woman built a statue of a beast with diamond eyes of death and evil.

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