The Document of Faith
of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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 17.     Conclusion

    This Document shall be mailed to the headquarters church and to many of the local assemblies commencing after March 22, 1993, which is the one year anniversary of our casting out from among the Assemblies of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith by the erroneous show of contempt to God Almighty by Bishop Omega Shelton and the deceiver Elder Ysaac Shelton (now called by God Elder "Esau".

    After they committed this act and many other erroneous atrocities in the Church, both Bishop Omega Shelton and Elder Esau (Ysaac) cried out sincere prayers to God almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ whom is merciful and long suffering answered their prayers by sending words of knowledge through me the Lord's Anointed, Faithful Witness and Apostle, Dennis Smith.

    I wrote to them the words of the Lord approximately four months ago, prior to March 22, 1993.

    I also called headquarters to request a person to person conversation with Bishop Omega.  I was denied this request by the now Elder Haguth.

    Elder Haguth informed me of what he described as an unpleasant conversation between my wife Sister Geraldine Smith and Bishop Omega's secretary Sister Corney.   Even though I was somewhat surprised that a secretary was now allowed to speak permanent judgment on behalf of the Bishop, I apologized to him for any mishap which may have occurred on behalf of my wife since the only thing I had asked her to do was to obtain an appointment for me to speak with Bishop Omega or any other person who could give me a final answer.

    Elder Haguth asked me what was my request in regard to.

    I told him that it had nearly been a year since I was cast out and that it had been a year since the falling asleep of Apostle Shelton and the mourning period was now over.

    I then asked him when would I be allowed to return to the assemblies.

    He said unto me, that though he was not present in Atlanta during our casting out, he had heard of the situation, how that I proclaimed that I was a Prophet.

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