The Document of Faith
of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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2.  Letter to the Elders 

From Brother Dennis Smith

Holy Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

I truly give double honor to the sweet and precious memories of his Holy Apostolic Blessedness.

I give double honor to the Royal House of Shelton.

I thank God for all of you and I pray that he will forever hold you all in the center of his will.

I would like to address this letter specifically to Elder Yediduth-Limmud Omega, Elder Shelton Marcus and to anyone you hold in your personal confidence.

This letter is somewhat lengthy in that I am pouring out to you the truth from the bottom of my heart.

I sincerely pray that Jesus Christ will move within you and that you will help me to accept and overcome.

I had hoped to move closer to his Blessedness before he entered into his rest. But I was hindered. The very day after I had made up my mind to contact him personally by phone the Lord took him away and gave him rest.

The Lord has been moving upon me since my birth into this world.

I am now 30 years old, married with four children.

The things I write to you about are all contained within the visions that I have seen. I leave these to your interpretation. Yet I must iterate that I am a firm believer in all that I have seen.

But my first work and most precious thought is that I remain faithful and in one accord with you and that I be found faithful and upright before the lord.

It is a fearful and dreadful thought to address the Royal House of the church.

In fear yet in superior faith am I writing to you. For if I write not unto you the Lord shall declare me an unfaithful and unbelieving witness. Please let it be known that I would not have the audacity to write this or ever to think of myself as worthy to write unless the Holy Spirit would not let me alone.

I have been running from this a long time but now my faith is strong and so I write.

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