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4.  Vision of Continuance and
    Letters to His Blessedness


The following visions and letters were sent to his Holy Apostolic Blessedness as I was led to by the spirit.

He responded to them during the time he came to Atlanta and Macon, Georgia in various ways.

Some of the most vivid I recall in particular was when he proposed a question to the saints of God. He asked them how was God in heaven at the same time he was on Earth?

I hid from him. He picked up my fearful spirit and told the Brother tell me to stand up. When I stood up he asked me to respond, I answered, "He filled the heavens and the body at the same time." Many of the saints began laughing. Blessedness then said, "He has something here." He then took a pitcher of water and poured some in a glass and said, "As you see there is water in the pitcher and the glass, this is how God filled heaven and was in the body at the same time."

Another time in Macon there was a table that I was standing near. Blessedness suddenly wanted this table moved. As I and another Brother grabbed the table Blessedness turned to me and said, "Before you were born God knew you, before he formed you in your mother's womb he knew you." The Brother who was assisting me with the table became amazed and said to me, "Blessedness is talking to you."

Another time he responded concerning my marriage. He said, "I was sick and you did not come see about me. You were too busy getting married to come see about me. You thought she was a special woman, but she is all right, the woman is all right." I never informed Blessedness that I was married and yet he knew the situation in exact detail.

Another time in Atlanta he told me, "do not send to me anymore of the visions, the Spirit is saying Atlanta."

This is also in fulfillment of Apostle Johnson's prophecy as told by the older Saints that he prophesied great things would come from Atlanta.

I shall cease writing concerning Blessedness responses as my hope was to show you the visions that I had sent him and the visions following have never been sent to him and so I continue ......

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