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12.   Vision of Elihu and the
Other World


Before this vision a brother among us stood before the saints in Atlanta asking or telling us to pray for him.

This particular brother held a very high office in the church. He had done much wrong before the church and he had never repented for any of the things that he did wrong. Some of the saints that he had mistreated are dead now, leaving him no possible way of making restitution with them.

Yet still because of his leadership role and though I presumed that he thought to make himself equal with Blessedness, as Blessedness had said that we should pray for him first, he was requesting prayer after this order.

Yet still knowing of his wrong doings, I knelt down on my knees and prayed a special prayer for him.

And when I had fallen asleep that night I found myself standing before the presence of one with the likeness of a man. And he said unto me, "I am Elihu." And he took me through the heavens to another world.

As we stood on the surface, there stood a demon on the hillside who had escaped through the boundaries set to contained him. And the demon made motions with his hands, for he too had the likeness of a man.

Then a very large vortex opened up in the sky with the resemblance of a funneled tornado. And many demons from hell crossed over through the center of this vortex.

And they went about throughout this planet causing sin, destruction, death, hatred, and all manners of evil against the inhabitants of this formerly sinless and perfect world.

And Elihu turned to me and said, "If one evil spirit crossover, they shall destroy entire worlds."

I saw the inhabitants of this beautiful planet who were skilled craftsmen in all kinds of arts and sciences, who were inventors of good things, weep because of the evil that was now among them. I spoke to the leader of the righteous of this world. And he asked me saying, "When and how shall we rid ourselves of this evil and be restored to our perfect state?"

I answered him saying, "The Lord God will come and restore you for none of us are worthy." I continued, "Be patient and follow after righteousness, hold on and continue to do that which is right. God will restore you."

I understood the vision for we cannot pray for men who willingly do evil knowing full well of their evil deeds.

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