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Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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16.     Vision of the Harlot

We were sleeping this particular night. Suddenly a wild turkey flew within my window. I awoke and asked my wife to catch the turkey, cut off his head, and prepare him for our evening meal.

It was apparent to me that this bird had come from my neighbor's yard since they raise turkeys.

My wife was having trouble killing the bird, so I informed her that if the bird resisted and flew away she was to let it go, but if it did not she was to kill it and prepare it for dinner.

While she yet had the bird on the dinner table preparing to kill it, the bird suddenly flew out of the window back into my neighbor's yard. My wife went running out of the house into my neighbor's yard and retrieved the bird.

When I found out that the bird had resisted, I let it go free. I was appalled at her disobedience.

As I was returning from freeing the bird I noticed as I passed the window of my neighbor's house my wife sitting on my neighbor's sofa. It surprisingly caught my attention because the appearance of her was as though she had a coat on with no clothes underneath.

There was a man sitting in the room also who was looking at her. Suddenly she turned her naked behind to the man showing him her nakedness.

I became very angry and hurt that she had betrayed me.

I picked up a stick and went in his house to beat my wife. As I was beating her the man in the house stood up. I turned to him in anger and said, "Do you want some too." I then began hitting him. Quickly he reached inside the chair in which he was sitting and pulled out a gun. He aimed the gun at me preparing to kill me. Right away at the threat of my life my senses returned. I began pleading to him for my life. He thought for a moment. As he was thinking, I became sorrowful that he being a Negroid man also could kill me his brother. I realized that my vehement anger and jealousy had caused me to harm my neighbor who only sat there looking at her playing the harlot. Then the Lord opened the bible and showed me these scriptures.

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