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Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Apostle Dennis G. Smith, Pastor and Spiritual Overseer

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Sister Jasmine Smith Profiles

Favorite Activities

Playing board games

Going to the movies

Laser Tag

All outdoor activities


Favorite Movies

The Notebook

Usual Suspects




Coming to America


Favorite Books


Song of Solomon: Love and Relationships

How did you do it? S. Truett Cathy


Who I am………

I am an Apostolic Woman of the Ministers of Jesus Christ, Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith. I have been baptized and Holy Ghost filled. I am a woman that believes in the family unit. I am caring, dedicated and loving woman. It my belief that you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.


What I am looking for in a man…………

I am looking for my best friend; a God fearing man. When a man loves himself then he will love his wife. I want a man that will support me as I support him; a man that will love me for all my faults and my strengths. He must be a believer in Christ. I always say two heads are better than one. Before we can be husband and wife, we must first be friends.


My Education………

B.S in Business Organizational Leadership

Associate of Science Business Administration

Georgia Real Estate License


Where to find me….

Singles Ministry Events please see our Singles Calendar.


Relationship Status


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