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God Cares Christian Fellowship Ministries, Inc.
Pastor Ariel Genito



Pastor Ariel in leadership and Revival Meeting



We are thankful to see The Work of the Lord continuing on and growing in the Phillipines in 2020 - 2021

Baptism on the Church Village           Equipping the Saints

Baptism in the Church Village and Equipping the Saints in the Phillipines

 Revival meeting 4

Revival Meetings continuing the Blessings and Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Phillipines

Revival meetings mission 1

Revival Meetings and Missions continuing in the Phillipines.


lively hood and gardening         fertilizer distribution

Gardening and lively Hood is continuing with distribution of fertilizer for plant growth.


Pastor Ariel Genito laboring during his feeding missions in the Philippines.




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Children Feeding Mission in Cagangohan, Panabo City.






Pastor Ariel sends chairs to the Village Churches.











Studying and Learning



Building Projects continuing in the Phillipines.......





Training up the children in the nurture  of the Lord Jesus Christ...




Speaking and teaching about the Lord




Happy Smiles !!!







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