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6.  Vision of Gabriel - Concerning:
 Men Hearts

There came one unto me with the likeness of a man. I was amazed at his appearance for he was much larger in statue that I. And although he resembled me, he was different in facial features to that of a man.

And he said unto me, "I am the Angel Gabriel!! He then took me by the hand and carried me through various places throughout the earth and within the church. He showed me the works of men, particularly how their evil works proceeded out of their hearts.

He showed me the hearts of the fornicators, effeminates, catamites, liars, extortionists, adulterers, in other words the wickedness of man. Then he showed me how this wickedness has corrupted all creation.

Then he took me above the clouds into outer space to a place that seemly hung in the mist of heaven. And we stood in this place among other angels. Then Gabriel looked out at the stars and cried out in a loud voice and praying with vehement anger he said, "Oh Holy Spirit" and the heavens lighted up and an enormous churning fire appeared before the place where we were standing. And Gabriel continued, saying "Cast them into outer darkness for the things that they thought to do." And the churning fire moved closer as to answer his prayer.

Then I returned to myself. When I arose from the vision I knew that a man shall surely perish if his heart, mentality or conscious is evil for God judges the hearts of man. I was thankful that through Blessedness, I had been visited by an Angel of the Lord.

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