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of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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 7.  Vision of The Oil and The Flame

My spirit was lifted to a city and there stood in front of me a large church. And to my side, I saw the bodily form of Blessedness walking towards me. And when he had come to me, I perceived that this was the Lord Jesus Christ in the bodily form of Blessedness. He carried me throughout the church and it was cold and empty for the Spirit had departed. And God spoke through his Blessedness saying, "Make for me many ministers."

And because the building was very cold, we went to the furnace or boiler room to find heat. When we arrived there, we found the fire not burning because the pot was empty of oil. And the Lord said through the body of Blessedness, "Go and get some oil," immediately I went to locate a pot or bowl of oil to put into the furnace. When I returned with the oil and stood before him with the oil, the Lord said unto me through the bodily form of his Blessedness, "You pour the oil and I will light the flame!!!" Then his index finger lit up with fire as fire that come from a torch. When I had put the oil into the firebox of the furnace, he lit the flame in the furnace and warmth was restored to that church. And the spirit returned into that sanctuary.

And the Unction ................................

of the Holy Ghost .................... Continued

to Flow ........................................

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