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8.  Meeting in the Third Heavens

My spirit was lifted to a place among the stars. As I looked outward, I saw the spiritual Bodies of His Holy Apostolic Blessedness, Elder Onesimus, Prince Jonathan, and Elder Omega.

As we walk through this place, we discussed what the Saints would become after their glorification. And I found myself in an inspiring spiritual discussion with Elder Omega.

For he was full of the Holy Ghost and had fervent zeal towards the things of God.

And we spoke about the living heavenly celestial bodies that saints would have rule over and even become.

As I talked to him, I perceived him to be as Boanerges, that is, a son of thunder.

While we were speaking his Blessedness smiled and nodded his head in agreement concerning the things which we spoke about.

As we communed there we went to a place where there was a table. We all sat down at this table before his Blessedness.

Now the time came for me to depart. And I spoke before his Blessedness and the Elders saying, "I must leave now and I shall come again to you. But I must come by pure faith."

After I had spoken these words Blessedness and the Elders bid me farewell until I come unto them naturally in the flesh guided purely by belief in God through his Blessedness.

Then I leaped outward and began descending back to the earth. And while I was descending I stopped in a place on the Earth. And there was a woman there, a young girl and she desired healing of the Lord. So I laid my hands on her and she recovered.

Then I returned to myself and immediately I awoke with a clear remembrance of the heavenly meeting.

And I understood the vision, I was indeed a son of his Blessedness raised by him purely in the spirit.

I understood why when a sister came to me beforetime and said, "Blessedness is dying." Immediately the spirit within me, the Holy Ghost within me answered her saying, "My Daddy is not dying."

And Unction .........of the Holy Ghost

continued strengthen me.....

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