The Document of Faith
of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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9.  Vision of Satan Face to Face

I appeared in a Earthly place located within a city. There was a stairwell before me, I walked down the stairs till I reached the landing. Then I saw demons all about. They reminded me partly of Earthly animals and partly the likeness of men. As I walked through this evil place they seemed to recognized me as the son of God.

And they ran towards a throne on which was sitting a very large Black creature. And the demons told this ruler that I was present. When Satan saw me he arose from his throne and began walking towards me. His mincing steps reminded me of wanton females with spike heels on their feet. When he had come near me, he stood before me examining me as to cause me to be afraid of him. He had the appearance of a large beautiful Black stallion with the upper torsel of a man. His head and facial features resembled that of a ram with two large curved horns. His eyes glowed like the moon at night with white light.

And though he was a very beautiful spiritual creature, he was rather odd looking since I had never seen anything like him before.

Then I spoke to myself saying, "I have nothing to fear but God himself." And when Satan perceived my faith, he began using hypnotic trances to gain control of my mind. As I fought with him, I felt the energy being drained from my spiritual body. As the war continued I realized that he was very, very powerful in gaining control of one's mind. As I continued to resist him, I called Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus deep in my mind. I felt the Holy Ghost in me gain strength growing stronger and stronger until I overcame him and fire issued out of my mouth and burned him. Then he turned and flee from me. And spiritual fire came from my hands and set the whole place ablaze. And all the demons fled from me also.

I was given power over Satan, at last I had overcome this world.

And the Unction........................

of the Holy Ghost......................

.................... saved me..........

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