The Document of Faith
of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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13.   Vision of the Comforting

As the years passed I waited to come be with his Blessedness. I kept all these things in my heart and never claimed to be nothing other than another brother striving to please his Blessedness.

Eventually a spirit of doubt began to take me over so I wondered to myself that I must have been or I must still be a crazy man.

I had heard Blessedness say that if you had the Holy Ghost you would not go crazy.

So I said to myself, "I must have conjured them and made them up in my mind.

Much as I searched my heart I found nothing there to support this belief.

Never in my natural mind had I aspired to be anything other than a scientific researcher, air conditioning mechanic, master of skilled trades, and singer song writer.

I became very sorrowful. I continued to perform my apostolic duties toward the church and then I concentrated on my natural career.

As I return from work one evening and lay resting in my room with the light off, there appeared one in the room with the likeness of a man and stood in front of me. And he said unto me, "Come Forth" suddenly my spirit leaped out of my body onto the spiritual body of the one that stood in front of me. He embraced me and comforted me. Then he laid me back within my natural body and vanished.

I knew that I had been embraced and comforted by Jesus Christ through the prayers of our Blessedness. Then I jumped up and told my wife, "I will wait on the Lord."

And the Unction................................. saying.....hold on to Blessedness.....

hold on to God..................................

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