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of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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14.    Vision of the Living Covenant

My wife was pregnant with our fourth child. Most people were saying that we would have a baby boy. And I myself was hoping that they were right. And the Lord came to me one night and showed me that the child would be a girl. That she would grow modestly long hair. He showed the features of how the child would look. Then he moved within me saying, "If this vision is true believe all of the visions you have seen."

And I answered him saying, "If this vision is true I will never doubt any visions that you show me again.

Then when the saints and other people began saying they thought the child would be a boy. I told them it would be a girl.

When the day of the delivery came, I was in the delivery room when the baby was born.

My wife, Sis. Geraldine Smith and I had preserved two names if the child was a boy the name "Phillip" and the other if the child was a girl "Tabitha Dorcas" meaning faithful church worker.

When baby Tabitha was born she grew into the exact features that I had seen.

And I shall never doubt the visions that I have received through his Blessedness from Lord Jesus Christ who is God almighty.


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