The Document of Faith
of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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 The Document of Faith Table of Contents

  1Preface to the Document of Faith
  2Letter to the Elders
  3.  Vision of the Beginning
  4Vision of Continuance and Letters to His Blessedness
  5Cecil's Palace
  6Vision of Gabriel - Concerning: Men Hearts
  7Vision of The Oil and The Flame
  8Meeting in the Third Heavens
  9Vision of Satan Face to Face
10Vision of the Malignamites
11Vision of the Closeness of God
12Vision of Elihu and the Other World
13Vision of the Comforting
14Vision of the Living Covenant
15Vision of the Lord's Anointed
16Vision of the Harlot
17Conclusion to the Document of Faith 

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