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"Sirs, What Must I Do To Be Saved?"
Written by Apostle S.C. Johnson               Continued by Apostle S.M. Shelton
The Truth now being declared by Apostle Dennis G. Smith

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     This was the question of the Philippian Jailer.   No doubt this man was religious and had professed to have known God.  But when he faced the apostles who had the only gospel, he found himself unsaved.  Like many today, when their religious experience is brought up against the standard of the word of God they find themselves unsaved.

     I am sure that there are many people today who have been in churches for years--no doubt have been deacons, trustees, missionaries, etc., and with all of that there is an unrest and dissatisfaction until they are asking themselves the question, "Am I really saved?  And what proof have I, that I can know of a truth, that I have a Bible salvation?  And if Jesus Christ should come would I be ready to meet Him or am I deceived?"

     Dear reader, the only way to know we're saved is to know according to God's Eternal Word.

     I've heard many times of ministers converting people and saying they were saved without any Bible proof, telling people to bow their heads and raise their hands, and accept Jesus Christ right where they are.  And when they do that they say so many got saved through our ministry.

     I want to say to you in the name of Jesus Christ, and according to God's Eternal Word that is just as far from the truth and being saved as the East is from the West.

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