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"Sirs, What Must I Do To Be Saved?"
Written by Apostle S.C. Johnson               Continued by Apostle S.M. Shelton
The Truth now being declared by Apostle Dennis G. Smith

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     Now, dear reader, if you will take the word of God for it, you will see plainly that the apostles did not use the methods men are using today, to get people saved.  Nowhere can it be found in all the Bible, that any of God's ministers told the people to bow their heads and raise their hands and receive Jesus right where they are, without mentioning repentance, baptism or receiving the Holy Ghost.

     The Apostle Paul said:  "If an angel from heaven preached any other gospel except that which they have preached, let him be accursed."  (Galatians 1:8-9)

     I want to say in my conclusion to you, nobody is saved regardless who he or she may be without having the water, spirit and the blood.  These three agree in one (I John 5:8).  If you have the spirit and refuse the water you yet aren't saved.  You can't have the blood and refuse water and the spirit.  The Bible says one Lord, one Faith and one Baptism (Ephesians 4:5)

     Dear reader, if you haven't got it like the Scriptures have outlined it here, you, too, need to cry out in the language of the jailer: "What must I do to be saved?"  May God open your understanding that you may understand the Scriptures, is my prayer.

     To hear more of this truth, visit the church with a Standard, and the old-time Power, where the gospel is preached in its fullness, just as it was in the days of the Apostles.  The sick are healed and the Holy Ghost given.

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