The Document of Faith
of Brother Dennis G. Smith
Faithful Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

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15.    Vision of the Lord's Anointed

I arrived in Philadelphia walking along the sidewalk to the church. And I saw a Brother smoking a cigarette, the chauffeur on an old limousine. And I walked up to the limousine and looked inside and I saw His Blessedness, staring through the window glass. And I asked the Brother as he completed his cigarette, "Is Blessedness all right?" And the Brother said, "Blessedness is still sick, but he is up one day and down the next." He also told me that Blessedness was angry, and that he had thrown down his bible on the pulpit and said, "This people have departed from God." And I ran to the car and opened the door and jumped within and began to cry and pleaded, "Oh Father, please do not leave me, please stay with me a little while longer, I cannot survive without you." And Blessedness ceased his empty staring and he turned to me and said, "Did you call me Father," and I continued crying and he wrapped his arms around me and he comforted me.

Then my spirit was moved and I sat on a throne that stood in the gateway of heaven and flying things were passing all about me and there came a voice from the gateway and said, "There is a man now upon the Throne."

And I wondered how long must I sit and watch upon the throne seeing that there was confusion all about.

And in the mist I saw women conferring with themselves concerning me. And one turned her naked hind to me and said, "He will remember the 18th hole." And I answered saying, "This Brother has gotten over the desire of women." Then I passed beyond, then through a large door. And I came in a room with beautiful draperies hanging about and Blessedness sitting in the midst of the room. And he Blessed me and held me and bid me away for there was much work for him to do.

And later I returned to the room looking for Blessedness and I found Prince Jonathan sitting in the room. And I asked him, "Where is Blessedness?" and he said, "Blessedness is in Bed." Then he said, "Come with me." I followed him and we went beyond the large beautiful draperies and began walking down wide carpeted steps of color purple. And people began looking up to us and Jonathan proclaimed with aloud voice, "Behold the Lord's anointed, Behold the Lord's anointed." We entered the Philadelphia church and saints were waiting and as we passed down the Isle Jonathan proclaimed, "Behold the Lord's anointed, Behold the Lord's anointed."

Suddenly the Spirit of God leaped from within me and I began to say, "The Lord said, Let the people of God live, Blessedness has prayed and asked the Lord to let the people of God live."

And I went up upon the altar and continued to say, "Blessedness raised up the people of God to live, now let now the people of God live." I informed the people that Blessedness is still with us and not dead. Then I began asking where is Onesimus, and where is Omega? Then suddenly I arose from the vision. The morning of the 7th month (July) 17th day, year 1988.

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